Our mission

Founded in February 2011, KOTV Inc. is a Quebec-based company that works in the entertainment industry. It works with home-grown talent to develop and produce innovative television programming, particularly in the realms of humour, variety, fiction, magazines and documentary.

The mission of KOTV and its subsidiaries, KO Scène and KO 24, is very simple: conquer the world and then entertain it. We are also in negotiations with NASA to open a research department on Mars that we affectionately call “Big Red”.

Our team

Louis Morissette


Producer, writer, comedian, and actor. In his spare time, Louis has also produced 3 children. Unfortunately, and unlike his television productions, his kids aren’t funded by the government.

Louis-Philippe Drolet

The Great Paymaster

Producer of major events including the Gala des Prix Gémeaux and the Gala des Prix Jutra, Louis-Philippe is the master mind behind the production trio. The other two create the illusion that they’re making the decisions, but he’s your man.

Alain Chicoine

Hip Producer & Director

From L’heure JMP to Bye Bye by way of Le coeur a ses raisons, or Le gala des Olivier, there’s nothing Alain “Chico” Chicoine hasn’t directed on Quebec television. If you don’t know who Alain Chicoine is, than you probably don’t work in the Quebec television industry. If you’re from abroad and wondering if it’s THE Alain Chicoine from legend. Well, the answer is yes, it’s him.

Marie Brissette

Vice-President of Development and Producer

Mélanie Viau

Vice-President of Production and Producer

Dominic Anctil

Director and Content Producer

Marie-Hélène Lebeau Taschereau

Director and Content Producer

Anouk Ste-Croix


Catherine Auclair

Director of Finance - productions

Elsa Godin

Director of Financing - productions

Karine Philibert

Director of Business Relationships

Charlotte Gagné

Coordinator of Development

Annie-Claude Fortin-St-Gelais

Internal and external communications