DANSER! – A new documentary series by Productions Marie Brissette/KOTV

17 December 2014

This documentary series follows the journey of seven aspiring dancers in their final year at the École supérieure de ballet du Québec as they go through their last training session and experience their first auditions. The film takes an inspiring look at the fate of these young performers, while also making a foray into the fascinating world of ballet dancers. For them, this learning experience also represents the fulfillment of a dream, the reward for their strenuous preparation.

Wednesday at 7 p.m., beginning January 14

On December 19: The whole series will be available through video-on-demand (VOD) – 6 episodes x 30 minutes.

Also offered through video on demand (VOD)

Production: Les Productions Marie Brissette/KOTV – Montreal

Director: Christian Lalumière

With the participation of Nicholas Bellefleur-Bondu, Claudia Colonna, Marilyne Cyr, Kennedy Henry, Pier-Loup Lacour, Saskya Pauzé-Bégin and Francisco Javier Trejo Vazquez, and special appearances by Anik Bissonnette and Louis Robitaille.