MED, a caustic comedy on VRAK 2

13 November 2014

Beginning January 8, comedian Mehdi Bousaidan will star as MED, a teen with a naive and coarse sense of humour. Presented on VRAK 2, the new sketch series’ cast of characters also includes Théodore Pellerin as Sam and Pier-Luc Funk as Nico, two friends practically glued to MED, from morning till night.

If the carefree attitude of youth had a name, it would be MED. Mehdi, alias Med, is a refreshingly unconventional teen, born from an Arab mother (Karina Aktouf) and a Quebecois father (Antoine Vézina), who speaks out about everything and nothing. With a tone bordering on insolence, MED tackles all the issues that are faced by young people stuck between adolescence and adulthood: friendship, family, school, girls… and sex!

Inspired by the French program SODA from CALT Productions, MED is the very first original fiction series produced specially for the evening timeslot on VRAK 2. MED is also the first collaboration between VRAK and production company, KOTV.

Pierrette Robitaille, Mariana Mazza, Alexandre Goyette, Dominique Laniel and the young Aurélia Arandi-Longpré make up this solid cast of characters each more endearing, or nasty, than the last.

Script Editor: Pierre Prince



Olivier Thivierge
Thomas Levac
Tanya Henry
Marie-Hélène Lapierre
Félix Turcotte


Begining January 8, tune in to MED on VRAK 2 for some copious amounts of laughter.

Production KOTV
26 x 30 minutes