The board (C.A.)

TV Series

Four friends graduate together from a business management school. Ten years after hanging their diploma on the wall, they reach a conclusion: while they believed that their academic training would be the corner stone of their lives, that is not the case. Each one’s journey is a reflection of his/her ability to manage his/her personal life. Seduction and sexuality, in all their forms, impact the choices affecting their everyday life. It is these crazy situations arising from these very experiences that spice up the Board’s agenda. A naughty comedy at the heart of games, desire, love and seduction.


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Barbara Vallant (aroma-tv)
Tél.: + 49 172 8623714

Seasons 1 to 4



Louis Morissette


Nicolas Monette


Antoine Bertrand
Louis Morissette
Isabelle Blais
Sophie Bourgeois
Alexandre Goyette