Esprit critique

JANUARY 7 2016
8pm on ARTV

Marc Cassivi and Rebecca Makonnen host a new and aptly named cultural magazine. Esprit critique – literally Critical Mind – does not take itself too seriously, but wants to tackle cultural and societal issues that elicit debate. Week after week, numerous guests discuss with conviction what drives or disturbs them in this vast cultural world that they love so much. Accompanied by author and actor Fabien Cloutier, Marc Cassivi and Rebecca Makonnen will generate frank and stimulating discussions in which they will not hesitate to take part, in addition to reviewing the week’s most anticipated works. Their mission: inform, provide food for thought, surprise, and entertain with wit and critical thinking!


Season 1


Executive producers
Louis Morissette
Louis-Philippe Drolet
Alain Chicoine

Marie Brissette


Marc Cassivi
Rebecca Makonnen


Fabien Cloutier