Totally crazy (Gang de malades)

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Premieres Monday, October 26 at 7:30 p.m.
Z télé

A hidden camera show where folks get pranked… by people with disabilities? An all-new concept for television! Hosted by Pierre Hébert, TOTALLY CRAZY provides a platform for people rarely seen on the small screen, and breaks down some prejudices! Premieres Monday, Oct. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

In this new production which is perfectly suited to the new Z, a group of people with disabilities surprise ordinary folks. They create comical situations to provoke awkwardness and fits of laughter among unsuspecting victims. For his part, host Pierre Hébert chips in his two cents by intervening unexpectedly.

The good-natured group of actors is made up of visually-impaired people, individuals of smaller stature, amputees, people with cerebral palsy, and with Down syndrome. KOTV consulted with numerous organizations of people with disabilities to fine tune the project.

TOTALLY CRAZY celebrates self-deprecation, but is done with intelligence, respect and sensitivity. A must-see show that is far from ordinary!
The ten 30-minute episodes are a KOTV production.


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Barbara Vallant (aroma-tv)
Tél.: + 49 172 8623714

Season 1


Executive producers
Louis Morissette
Louis-Philippe Drolet
Alain Chicoine

Mélanie Viau

Francis Piquette

Dave Richer
Francis Piquette
Francis Robitaille
Tanya Henri
Thomas Levac
Luc Michaud
Mathieu Gratton
Marc-Olivier Valiquette

Pierre Hébert

Gabriel De Villiers
Olivier Briand
Marie-Sophie Madon
Maxime Pelletier
Charlie Rousseau
Tania Roy
Pierre-Luc Pépin
Angelo Schiraldi
Casia Frenette
Dave Richer