Monsieur Homme


Just as Jacques Cousteau introduced us to the inhabitants of the sea bed and Georges Brossard revealed the world of insects, Monsieur Homme gives us insight into fascinating creatures that have not yet been featured in a documentary about animals: men!

In each of the eight episodes of this funny and informative documentary series, Mathieu Pichette, alias Monsieur Homme, embarks on an adventure to help us discover and better understand a species of extraordinary men or a characteristic of the human male, all the while working hard to make us laugh and experience a few thrills!

Where does the strength of Canada’s strongest man come from and can he be beaten in a three-to-one tug-of-war? How does testosterone spread in a young boy’s body and how does it transform it into a man’s body? How does the fastest man run so fast? Why do men die younger than women?

Those are the kinds of questions that Mathieu Pichette explores during his expeditions where he rubs shoulders with men who are way more ”manly” than he is and where he gives a prominent voice to scholars who are way more “scholarly” than he is. Guaranteed results: a delightful mix of scientific content, unbridled comedy and on-the-ground action!



8×30 min
Ici Explora
Friday at 7:30pm

Season 1


Executive producers
Louis Morissette
Louis-Philippe Drolet
Alain Chicoine

Marie Brissette
Mélanie Viau

Line producer
Marie-Flo Maynard

Mathieu Gadbois

Content producers and writers
Mathieu Pichette
Barclay Fortin

Mathieu Pichette