Patrice Lemieux 24/7

TV Series

PATRICE LEMIEUX 24/7, consists of ten 30-minute episodes wich aired in May 2015. In this comedy, a film crew follows Patrice Lemieux, NHL superstar with a unique lingo, and his entourage during a hockey season. The production grants you exclusive behind-the-scenes access to this fascinating world. In addition to Daniel Savoie who stars as Patrice Lemieux, the cast includes Louis Morissette and Patrice Robitaille. And as Lemieux would say: ”Well I think that it’s sure that I think that it is an opportinuation that you won’t want to miss out.”


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Barbara Vallant (aroma-tv)
Tél.: + 49 172 8623714

Season 1



Louis Morissette
Louis-Philippe Drolet
Alain Chicoine

Content producer

Dominic Anctil

Executive producer

Jaime Alberto Tobon


Daniel Savoie
René Brisebois
François Camirand
Guillaume St-Onge
Louis-Philippe Rivard


René Brisebois


Frédéric Nassif
Daniel Savoie