Format Barbara Vallant - Aroma TV
  • FORMAT60 minutes
  • NUMBER OF EPISODES6 episodes (season 2)
  • BROADCASTERICI Radio-Canada + Web Platform
  • AVAILABLE MATERIALDemo + Complete season 2 - 6 episodes with English subtitles

“If I had the chance to go back in time, what would I change?” Who wouldn’t want to go back to change the course of events? What if a second chance was offered to you, a Plan B… The world of FLORENCE, host of the number one morning show in Montreal, collapses when Marilou, her fifteen years old daughter, goes too far. Did this socially engaged feminist who used her notoriety and her microphone to create women’s rights defense projects failed her life’s most important project? When she is presented with “Plan B”, a time-traveling company, Florence, who feels immensely guilty and responsible, takes it as an opportunity to start over and save her daughter. These time-travels will bring her to question her choices as a mother of two, her choices on her career and her relationship with the father, with whom she is separated. Is she accountable for her daughter’s unhappiness? How far is she willing to go to save her? The second season takes us on our heroine’s journey to keep her children happy. This intimate psychological drama reveals the pressure of being a competent parent in 2018!