Véro Inc.


From the world of show business to the business world

How do certain Quebec artists become small businesses that can generate millions in revenues by their mere presence? How do these artists manage their careers on both fronts? What is the delicate balance between an artist loved by the public and a credible celebrity who uses her status to promote a product or even a trademark? For the purposes of this documentary series, we follow Véronique Cloutier on her journey, who besides being a TV and radio host, is the new muse for beauty products, is co-designer of the clothing lines Véro, Grande fille, and Fiston, and is also launching her own print magazine.

Véro Inc. is a three 60-minute documentary series that follows Véronique Cloutier in her activities, far from the cameras and red carpets. Véro Inc.’s cameras let you step inside the media darling’s everyday life, while she juggles two careers at once. We see that Véronique Cloutier’s involvement is more than just sticking her name on a product, then waiting for a royalty cheque; she is directly involved in all aspects of the development of the products that she supports. It’s the flip side that we want to feature: model designs, sample preparations, photo shoots, launches, etc.

Beyond the business side, the human side will be central to the documentary. We explore issues such as family life and its place in this crazy schedule. The desire to diversify her activities inevitably comes with its share of sacrifices, which begs the question: “Why do it?” Why say yes to marketing and branding your name? What kind of business woman is Véronique Cloutier?

All of these topics are covered through Véro’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle. This includes her daily radio show at Rythme FM, her recordings of Les enfants de la télé, her yoga, making time for sick children… and being a mom to her own children.

Throughout the documentary series, people in Véronique’s close entourage such as partners, friends and family share their perspective as we weave our way through these topics. These interviews serve as the narrative throughout the 60 minutes.

Episodes 1-2-3



Louis Morissette
Louis-Philippe Drolet
Alain Chicoine

Executive producer

Mélanie Viau


Marie-Claude Blouin